We did it! It's official. Wednesdays in Denver are now Denver Bike Night!

The Denver Cruiser Ride is Evolving (AGAIN)!

As part of the Denver Cruiser Ride’s mission to support and encourage riding bikes for fun - as well as our commitment to support the thriving bike culture in Denver, it is exciting to share this NEWS with you about the upcoming 2013 Wednesday night bike rides.

Beginning on May 15th, 2013 - Wednesday nights in Denver will officially become known as Denver Bike Night! While the Denver Cruiser Ride will continue to co-exist with this brand-spanking new moniker - Denver Bike Night will encompass a larger mission, be more inclusive and be more entertaining than ever before. One thing can be certain, that this change will not curtail the fun we've been having each and every Wednesday night for the past eight years. This has been no easy task to accomplish - it has been years in the making - with only a few dedicated individuals burning the midnight oil to release this into the wild - it is our pleasure to introduce to you this new baby!

"What the !@#$%^ are you thinking?" You may be asking yourself "What is going to be different with Denver Bike Night vs. The Denver Cruiser Ride?" While it's impossible to predict what it will eventually become, it is our belief that Denver Bike Night will become a city-wide campaign that encourages individuals from all walks of life to ride bikes. Many will meet up with us at our official start locations. Some may start their own rides from far-flung locations - joining the weekly Bike Parties downtown, sharing in the spectacle of what is now adoringly referred to as the Circle of Death. We also believe that with the support being received from the highest offices in Denver, that communities across the city will create their own rides – each with their own unique identities and Denver Bike Night will be the umbrella under which they ride. We are absolutely certain that Wednesday nights in Denver, Colorado will become synonymous with riding bikes. It the goal to encourage more people to ride bikes more often – this CANNOT be a bad thing, can it? Ultimately this the core of what Denver Bike Night is all about.

How Denver Bike Night Came to be In re-envisioning what Wednesday nights and bikes could become, and considering all the possible angles of what this would look like; it has included meetings with members of Denver's City Council, numerous city agencies, programming a coordinated safety campaign with the Denver Police Department, as well the involvement of Denver’s bike advocacy groups - Denver Bike Night will eventually expand in ways that we cannot begin to imagine today. On the face of it, Wednesdays won't look much different than they have in the past. There will be throngs of happy people riding bikes in costumes on the streets and avenues of Denver – and what could be better than that?

What makes this change necessary? Job #1 is to be more inclusive of the entire cycling community. For years there was a notion that having a cruiser bike was required to participate. While anyone, on any bike, has always been welcomed, this new naming convention should put to rest this long held mis-perception. We are not disposing of the iconic Denver Cruiser Ride brand, however, this change represents a quantum leap in our efforts to support and grow Denver’s thriving bike culture.

The Ride will not be corporatized. While accusations of being corporate whores have been loosely tossed around by naysayers and pessimists as long as can be remembered, it has never detoured us from sharing with you <link to fuckyou2.html) that this 20-week party has become, on every conceivable level, a beast in its own right. What does this new brand name translate to in real-world terms? The secret has long been out about the fun we were having on Wednesdays. What wasn’t broadcast openly was that this weekly bike party costs REAL dollars to produce. Not to mention that numerous individuals have contributed countless hours breathing life into it- all the while working day jobs to make ends meet.

With the advent of Denver Bike Night, it is a new commitment to this weekly Bike Party – which no doubt will be presented on a bigger and more elaborate scale than ever before. In making this tweak to our weekly fun, and in order to support the monumental growth that the ride has experienced - there hasn't been a moment that we considered selling out to the highest bidder. This doesn't mean that we haven't sought out like-minded companies and supporters to offset the expenses associated with this growing enterprise, or to find ways to compensate those that have invested their time to make this even possible. What we have sought to do is to carefully develop unique and innovative ways to financially support the funnest thing to do in Denver on two wheels – What we haven’t done in the past, nor will we do in the future, is demand that participants pay to play. Denver Bike Night will continue to cling to the long-held mantra that this is a FREE RIDE FOR ALL!

What to Expect on Denver Bike Night In the coming weeks we'll be sharing with you more details about Denver Bike Night as they crystallize. A few things to share with you at this moment:
• Yes - there will be fun;
• Yes - there will be bikes;
• Yes - there will be themes;
• Yes - you will be entertained;
• Yes - there will be "official" start locations (and then some);
• Yes - we will continue to promote that all riders self-police;
• Yes - we will continue to ask everyone to be individually responsible for their own behavior!

What absolutely SHOULD NOT be expected is that these rides will be like they used to be. Years ago it became abundantly clear that this weekly ride would take on a life of its own. Nor would it have been conceived in 2005 on those very first rides, with 13 people in tow, that Denver would become home to what is now considered to the largest-weekly Bike Party on the Planet. The DCR has always embraced the idea of evolution - it has also been a conscious decision on the part of the organizers to either support the evolution, or get the fuck out of the way. Denver Bike Night is the next stage of this evolution – and we invite you to be part of this amazing festival of bikes.

Riding Safe is a crucial part of riding on the Denver Bike Night In tandem with the City of Denver and Bike Denver, we'll be launching a bike safety campaign custom-taylored for Denver Bike Night. Not surprisingly, this campaign will be encoded with our own brand of humor – but contained within it, will be an imperative safety message for everyone that participates. It will be each rider’s obligation to understand the rules and laws already in effect in Denver for bicyclists. Truth-be-told, we're along for the ride too and it’s up to everyone to adhere to these ordinances. This campaign will play a critical role encouraging everyone to do-the-right-thing; it will also provide the necessary resources in order for riders to educate themselves about the risks and dangers of riding bikes on the streets of Denver and to take the necessary precautions in order to protect themselves, their bikes and all those that partake in these weekly rides.

It is as equally exciting and nerve-wracking to announce the 2013 Denver Bike Night to the world - much as it was riding to the very first Denver Cruiser Ride in 2005. We look forward to seeing all of you bright, shiny costumed people on May 15th for the first OFFICIAL DENVER BIKE NIGHT!

Stay tuned for more exciting news about this summer’s fun!

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