Tonight you'll see a film crew shooting the DCR for a promotional video for the city of Denver that will eventually be used for a 'light up your bicycle' safety campaign! So that means that you'll wanna make sure you've got lights on your bikes tonight as a way to promote safe riding in Denver!
We're kicking this week's ride off at the Tivioli Quad (on the Auraria Campus). Meet at 7p and wheels down at 7:45p
See you there! Happy Thursday! Ding Ding!

The DCR bike community is meant to be a safe and welcoming space for all riders, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation.
We value and celebrate the diversity that is the DCR. It’s impossible for a ride of this size to police each and every move that individuals
make on Thursday nights. That being said, if you see something awry, by all means, step up and say something if it doesn’t feel right,
or if someone is behaving in a way that does not match the mission of this community, which is to Ride Bikes and Have Fun.
This is your ride as much as it's everyone elses, and we're counting on you to keep it going.
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