Old Town Arvada Cruiser Ride
These cats ride fast and drink hard, one of our favorites!
Highlands Cruiser Club
If you like the DCR,
you'll love the HCC! This
ride is all about riding bikes.
One of Denver's best kept secrets for fun on bikes!
Stay tuned, we'll be sharing more social rides from around
CO and beyond!
Ok, the cat is out of the bag. Happy April Fools Day!

Well, we love AFD almost as much as riding bikes on Wednesday! We hope you'll forgive us for trying to fool you once again! Some of the emails we've gotten have been hilarious! Part of what we said was true - we've have heard many times that the ride should be on Fridays. However, what rings true for us is that these Wednesday rides are part of the magic which is Denver Cruiser Ride. If anyone suggests otherwise, allow us to clarify: WEDNESDAY IS THE BEST FRIDAY OF THE WEEK IN DENVER, COLORADO!

This summer will be filled with fun on bikes; along with new and old friends alike, and we're really looking forward to seeing your happy smiling faces on May 20th! We're hoping that you all really "bring it" this year with bells on (oh yeah, with costumes and lights, please!). Also iincluded with this email is the list of the 2015 Themes for this summer's rides! As you may know, 2015 marks our 10th Annivesary! As part of this look back, we've selected a favorite theme from each yea, and then added a some new ones! We hope to see your creativity shine this summer and hope you'll up your game!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the FIRST EVER DCR COSTUME SWAP coming on May 9th! Details are coming together as we speak, but this'll be an amazing way to stock up, and/or thin your collection! Stay tuned for more info!